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If you have multiple debts and monthly repayments like home loans, car lease, personal loans and credit cards, you most definitely have reasons to consider refinancing.

We understand that both your lifestyle and financial circumstances can change as life goes by, and having a BFinanced broker to help you refinancing your loan gives you more flexibility, helps you regaining financial control, and enables you to restructure your debts to suit your current position.

By engaging one of BFinanced Brokers to help you refinance your loan can open a world of new opportunities.

1. To start with, you can access equity from an existing property to purchase a new property, invest into renovating and adding more value to a property or free yourself from other major financial commitments.

2. You can secure a better interest rate, which would lower your repayments, generating thousands of dollars in savings and allowing you to repay your mortgage quicker or make new investments to build your wealth.

3. You can change or add features to your loan. Certain features like offset accounts, flexibility on repayments, redraws and portability can be very beneficial  and in some cases essential.

When BFinanced brokers design a refinancing strategy they are looking to help you reduce your monthly loan repayments, reduce your interest rate , pay off your mortgage quicker, and access the equity in your home.