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First Home Buyers

Buying your first home?

At BFinanced we understand how challenging and crucial the decision of applying for a mortgage and buying your first property can be. There are numerous questions to be answered:

  • What is LMI?
  • How much do I need for a deposit?
  • How much is it gonna cost me?

BFinanced brokers are qualified to guide you and select the best mortgage for your needs. But our philosophy is to go above and beyond that. We believe in taking the right steps to guarantee you with an excellent advice, smooth process and educated decision making.

Our main point of difference is that we look to build a long term relationship with our customers and therefore fully understand and embrace your needs and objectives and support you before and after your purchase.

We will look to obtain a meticulous understanding of your current scenario and what your future goals are. We will position ourselves to do everything we can to assist you.

Following that we can calculate your borrowing power and what is your capacity in terms of repayments.

BFinanced brokers use highly sophisticated software to compare the hundreds of options available in the market. But beyond that, we maintain a close relationship with all banks to enable our customers to always obtain the best deals.

We will give expert advice not only on the best lender &  loan features, but also the best strategy to pay off your mortgage quicker and use your property to build wealth.

BFinanced brokers will help you with the paperwork and drive the process from initial application to settlement, informing you of every milestone.