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What is Beresfords?

Beresfords is an integrated wealth management and professional services business. We offer financial planning advice and implementation, accounting, insurance and estate planning products, share trading and execution, alternative and direct investment opportunities.

Who owns Beresfords?

Beresfords Group is owned by Beresford Family and senior members of the management team. It is not captive to any provider of investment products, and its advisers are not tied to any financial institution.

What is Beresfords Investment Philosophy?

Beresfords’s over-arching investment philosophy is built around the objective of tailoring investment to each clients unique goals and circumstances. We keep things simple for the client, and focus on controlling what can be controlled. This means paying attention to risks as well as potential returns, and to minimising costs including taxes. It also means taking your entire circumstances into account. A consequence of this approach is that we avoid delegating investment management where the mandate is too broad and subject to change. Around a core portfolio of direct investments we utilise fund manager expertise where there is proven benefit measured against this comprehensive standard.

While we keep the output simple for clients, the foundations of recommended strategies are built on a thorough portfolio management framework and process, incorporating investment management and personal financial structuring expertise. We take decisions on prospective risk and return across different types of assets and how theyre related and build on them. It allows us to match a clients goals and circumstances (asset allocation framework). We focus on how returns can vary over time and how that impacts after-tax cash flows. And we can illustrate how risks translate into cash flow variability for a proposed strategy.

We recommend individual direct investments with the objective of delivering a risk and after-tax return target within a client’s portfolio.

We rely on external expertise as an input to the processes, but we take responsibility for our recommendations of strategies and specific investments.

Why is Beresfords different to anyone else?

Ownership: Beresfords is owned by management and senior members of the management team. It is not tied to any major financial institution.

Fee Structure: Beresfords offers a fully transparent fee structure and does not retain commissions received on investments made by clients. Commissions are the way we are remunerated for insurance and debt broking. We won’t necessarily be cheaper or more expensive than other advisers what we offer clients is value: very good advice for the fees charged.

Tax Effectiveness: Beresfords focuses on after-tax outcomes, not just headline pre-tax performance. We integrate appropriate tax management into your overall strategy.

Skills and Training: Beresfords’s financial advisers are skilled, knowledgeable and focused on the interests of the client. Our advisers are required to solve financial challenges for clients, focusing on after-tax income. Importantly, our advisers simplify the complexity of investing, ensuring our clients know what’s happening to their money.

Convenience: Beresfords provides a full range of financial planning advice and personal risk services, better enabling clients to coordinate their wealth management and accounting needs. Beresfords offers accounting and tax compliance services, self-managed superannuation fund advice and administration, investment advice and portfolio administration services.

Beresfords Securities provides equities services, research, portfolio advice, transaction services and participation in initial public offerings.

Beresfords provides general and life insurance products to clients, through a specialised brokerage business.

Beresfords Investment Partners offers opportunities in alternative investments such as direct property, private equity syndicates and specialist fund managers.