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Debt Consolidation

At BFinanced we believe in the constant search for better opportunities for our customers.

The purpose of debt consolidation is to improve your cash flow by combining debts and loans on a high interest rate like cars loans, credit cards, store cards and personal loans into one loan on a lower interest rate.

Home Loans are considered of lower risk to the banks because they can sell the property and use the funds to repay the debt in case you are longer able to meet your commitments. Therefore the interest rates are cheaper, as opposed to other non securitised  loans, where the banks has no asset to guarantee the debt will be repaid.

BFinanced can help you use your home loan to consolidate your debts in order for you to:

  • Improve your credit ratings.
  • Save money on interest rates and monthly fees.
  • Have a set repayment plan to get on top your debts.
  • Manage your debts with flexibility and ease by only having one repayment per month.