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Company Philosophy

Everything we do is for our customers

At Bfinanced our commitment to providing quality service from start to finish drives our every move.

Our Corporate Philosophy is a very simple concept – everything we do must be for the needs of our customers. This led us to develop a business framework that gives us flexibility to quickly respond to our customers on an ongoing basis.

The Bfinanced business framework consists of three key steps:

  1. Understanding what our customers need:

At Bfinanced, we are committed to listening to the voice of our customers. We do this on a regular basis through customer satisfaction research and surveys, Customer Advisory Boards and customer interviews.

We then use this insight into your requirements to optimise the way we work.  Some examples of this include:

  • You shared with us exactly what our business and personal customers need from us – so we have developed our services that are tailored solutions for these distinct customer groups.
  • You told us that your number one priority is a hassle-free lending solution – so we have established an organisation-wide business optimisation and quality control program to ensure we deliver exactly what you have asked for, first time every time.
  1. Building a world class supply chain: 

By understanding exactly what our customer’s needs, we are then able to work with our Banks and Lenders network to deliver new, customer centric solutions.

  1. Delivering a flawless customer experience: 

We know that our solutions need to work every time, so we have built an organisation-wide program to ensure all our solutions deliver a hassle-free and smooth experience.  Our Business Optimisation team has been established not only to build industry-leading solutions, but also to monitor the quality of business processes so we can continuously improve the Bfinanced customer experience.